Droits d'auteur DMCA

Dernière mise à jour : 19 août 2023

All the apps and games on this website are free and legal applications for Android. We provide reviews, tricks, tips, and download links for these apps. We never modify the apps and games. All the apps we share are original from the developer.

If you find any copyright infringement on this website, please inform us so we can identify and take necessary action within 24 hours if the information you send is correct and accurate (DON’T MAKE FALSE CLAIMS!).

Information we need includes:

  • Votre nom d'origine.
  • Identification du droit d'auteur qui aurait été violé.
  • Identification du contenu prétendument en infraction.
  • Recommendations for action and duration.

The written information should be accurate and true. Anonymous or incomplete messages will not be responded to or handled.

For more details, visit AppCcB.com.